Monday, February 25, 2013

Four simple steps to help prevent hangnails.

We've all had them. Those nasty little buggers not only make our nails and hands look bad but they can be quite painful as well. Hangnails are caused from dry cuticles. So can you guess what the secret to avoid them is? If you said keeping them moist you would be correct. Below are some basic steps to help you avoid those pesky hang nails.

1. After washing your hands, showering or doing dishes use lotion, and cuticle oil if you can. Water dries out the skin and cuticles which leads to hangnails. Therefore it is very important to replenish this moisture after having them exposed to water. Also when you remove your polish you should use lotion and cuticle oil. Polish remover strips oil from your nails and dries out your skin. That's part of why I use non acetone remover, it's a little more gentle and less drying. I still wash my hands and then use lotion and oil after removing polish regardless.

2. No cutting! Cutting your cuticles cause infections if not done properly. Cuticles act as a shield from bacteria, so if you remove them there is no protection. Instead of cutting them try a gentle removing cream. Where your nail meets the skin apply it and push back the cuticles with a soft pusher so you don't scratch the nail. You may snip any remaining hang nails as they are dead skin.

3. Apply a cuticle oil whenever you can, at least at night before bed if nothing else. If you have a real problem with  hangnails you might even want to soak your nails in the oil once a week.

4. When using the lotions and oils don't just apply it or dab it on, massage it into your cuticles. This will help it penetrate better and massaging promotes growth. It also stimulates the blood flow which gives your  nails a nice healthy tint and glow. So they'll look fantastic even without polish! ;)

That's it here. Stay tuned for my next blog. Until then happy polishing!