Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wedding Mumbo Jumbo - Volume 1

Clip art found in a google search for free wedding bell clip art.

I've decided to keep a small journal of the events leading up to the date. Then when we get back from our honeymoon I'll do more.

My fiance and I have both been married before. I however never had a honeymoon. So for this we decided just to go see a friend who is a judge and sign the papers instead of having an actual wedding to save some money and headache. We are having a dinner for close friends and family after however. Then we leave on our honeymoon the next day.  Despite the simplicity of the concept I've run into numerous issues already.

First it was the cake. I had the hardest time finding a bakery that wouldn't rip our eyes out and was actually open the day of the wedding. (It's on a Monday which I realize is unusual but it's the only day we could do it.) Still I think it's odd that so many places are closed on Monday. Fortunately we did finally find one. We're going to order it this week. Hopefully there are no more problems there.

I'm not sure of where this photo came from originally. I found it on Pinterest and there was no link back.

Then there was the manicure issue. For some reason there is not a single nail tech/nail salon in the area that could do what I wanted done. I wanted to get a gel manicure because it lasts a long time. It should last at least 2 weeks if not more. Which is ideal since I didn't want to have to worry about taking off or changing polish on the honeymoon. I just wanted to do the manicure the day before the wedding and then not worry about it for a while. Well, the problem is that even though most of the salons offer gel manicures almost all of them do not do nail art. There was ONE that said they could do it but they don't have the best reviews in the world and I was concerned about the job they may do. I considered going in and having a "test run". However by the time I would have paid for the test run and then the actual mani for the wedding/honeymoon I could have just bought my own gel kit and done them myself. Sooo... I did. Problem one solved. (I'm actually doing a series of blogs on the kit itself as well. Sort of a review on how it works as well as the journey to find the right mani for the wedding. lol)

Then came the hair situation. For some reason nearly every salon I went to gave me crazy looks and didn't think they could do the hairstyle I selected. (I showed them a photo.) I really don't think it's THAT complicated. It's just a fancy braid. I've actually done something similar to a friend. However, I cannot  braid my own hair like this unfortunately. It's just too hard to have to reach around to do it. Especially when I can't really see that way, even with mirrors. The lady at ULTA was probably the worse. Not only did she give me the crazy look but she acted as if I asked her to hike to a foreign country or something. She made a huge deal out of it and kept saying how intricate it was and that she didn't know if she could do it. She even suggested I come in for a test run, which of course I would have to pay for that also. Umm considering it was going to cost over $50 to do the hairstyle that's a big no. I'm sorry but I'm not going to pay to do a test run just because she isn't sure if she can do it or not. Last I checked they teach braiding in beauty school. All this hairstyle really would be is a sort of a cross between a french braid and a waterfall braid. Hell, I figured it out just by watching you tube videos. She went to school and got licensed. She should know how to do it. I really didn't like the way she spoke to me either. Anyway, I think I found a place that can do it. The girls there seemed a little more confident in their ability to do this. So *fingers crossed.*

I'm not sure of where this photo came from originally. I found it on Pinterest and there was no link back. I tried to find the source because I wanted to learn how to do the hairstyle but there were several pages with this photo and I have no way of knowing which one was the original.

I got these pretty cherry blossoms to go in my  hair instead of the roses.

Now the restaurant is being a pain. We basically just wanted to make a reservation for our group. That way no one has to wait an hour to be seated and it makes it easier for the restaurant also. Everyone was going to pay for their own meals.

They did show us this room and we were going to try and reserve it. However I think they totally misunderstood us as they were trying to sell us on some package where we have a minimum to meet. Umm, no... We can't and don't want to be responsible for paying the difference if some people don't eat or show up. That's why everyone was going to be in charge of their own bill. I thought I explained that the day we met with her but I think they got confused. So I explained it AGAIN. Now we're waiting to see what they say.

Sheesh... This was supposed to be a simple  thing but everyone else is making difficult. It's insane how even the most simple wedding turns into chaos.  We thought the hardest part would be to save up for the honeymoon but we're already mostly there. Crazy...

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