Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wedding Mumbo Jumbo Volume 2

Hello, hello!

Well some updates on the wedding situation. Things are finally moving along instead of being at a stand still.

Tomorrow we're going to order the cake and turn in the confirmation form to reserve the room in the restaurant. The problem with the restaurant was resolved. They are actually giving is a really good deal.

Next week I'm meeting with the dressmaker so she can measure me and I can pick out the fabric for it. I got my hair pins today. I actually picked out a second hairstyle as a back up plan. I know the lady at the salon said she can probably do the first one but I like to be prepared. Especially for something that important. I've attached photos of the new hairstyle and the hair pins for you to look at. :)

I also found out the information I needed on my business as well. Since I am changing my last name I had to figure out what if anything I needed to change my last name on. It looks like I just have to do it with the secretary of state and the parish for my occupational license. (A parish in Louisiana is the same as a county elsewhere.) I can do the secretary of state one easily enough because by the time the wedding happens and I get to change my name it will be about time for me to do my annual report for them. So I can just make any changes then. As far as the parish it won't be long after we return when I have to renew my occupational license with them so again I can just kill two birds with one stone. I probably have to change it with my registered agent also. My tax consultant said I'm not required to do it with the IRS or LDR.

It's nice that things are finally going a little bit more smoothly. Hopefully it stays that way. I was about to pull my hair out last week. lol

The hair photo is not mine but it was found on Pinterest with no link to the source. The hair pin photo is mine. 

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