Friday, May 30, 2014

Wedding Mumbo Jumbo Volume 3

Greetings and welcome to the third installment of my adventures in planning this wedding! For those who don't already know we are not doing a traditional wedding. We've both been married before and opted to do this a little differently. We are basically just signing the papers and then having dinner with family and friends after. Then the next day we leave on our honeymoon. I actually never had a honeymoon previously. If you think about it weddings are really more for everyone else than the couple anyway. :p We are both happy with this arrangement. You can read more about what's been going on in the first two volumes of this. I'm actually adding a "wedding/honeymoon" tab here so you all can follow along more easily. :)

Anyway on to the updates!

The other day my fiance had off of work so we did some wedding errands. It was actually nice to spend time with him. He's been working so hard lately trying to get enough money together for everything. I haven't gotten to see him much.

First we headed out for breakfast and from there we stopped at a local fabric shop. The other day he was in the area on a job site and he saw they were having a sale. He knew I needed material for my dress so we stopped. I did end up getting the underlay for the dress there. I almost got the lace for the overlay also but they didn't have enough. It's kind of a good thing I didn't get it because as it turns out the lady making my dress already has that exact lace. lol I actually ended up changing my mind about the color scheme a bit which is why I was going to get that particular lace. Now I don't have to. :)

The satin underlay fabric for my dress.

The underlay fabric with the lace overlay.

After we grabbed the fabric we headed to the bakery which was right across the street and got the cake ordered. I'm so excited. I'm sure they will do a great job with it because they are one of the best bakeries in the city. Probably one of the more infamous of them for sure. We didn't do a tasting there because we would have had to schedule it. We didn't really feel like having to go back and we know their stuff is amazing. So we just picked what we knew we would most likely enjoy. We opted for silver cake with pineapple filling. I know pineapple is tricky because the cake may slide but I'm sure they will be careful. We were going to pick it up because there is a $50 delivery fee. However after thinking about it I voiced my concerns to my fiance. I think it would be better to just pay them to do it. The streets where the restaurant is and on the way there aren't great. I would have nightmares of the cake meeting disaster before it even got there. At least if they ruin it we aren't responsible for it and can get some sort of compensation. If we ruin it...well we're just out the $$ and the cake. Plus they are just better equipped to move something like that than we are.

This is what the cake will look like.
(Not my photo. I can't find the original owner to credit. If you know who it's for please let me know.)

After the cake was handled we went to the Irish restaurant where we are having our dinner that night to reserve the room. We actually will probably end up with the larger room they have than the first one we saw. That one seats about 25 people but we have 35 invited. I'm sure not everyone is going to come but we'll see. Either room is nice. I just think it would be a little more roomy in the larger one. We got everything squared away with that though. They even gave us a really great deal on everything. I have to make little place cards so that they know who ordered what since we are doing plated meals. My fiance came up with the clever idea to put a fish, a cow or a tomato on the cards to signify what they ordered. This is because our menu options are beef stew, fish & chips, or we also have a vegan option which involves a stuffed tomato. I thought it was cute. I'm sure we will still have to figure out the details though because there are other things such as salad, and soup on there.

Once the restaurant was taken care of we decided to take some time for ourselves and we stopped at the New Orleans Museum of Art. It's actually something we'd been talking about doing for ages and just never seemed to get there. Since it wasn't far we figured why not? I had not been since I was very young, and he had never been. After that we went to have some lunch, stopped to grab a few things at the store and came home. It was a very nice day and we got a lot accomplished.

We're not far from having everything done now. Just have to order and pay for a few more things. Wednesday I'm meeting with the dressmaker for a fitting and to go over the fabric and details. In a couple of weeks I'm going to get my hair dyed. I'm finally getting it the color I've wanted for AGES! I have dyed my hair red before but it never turns out like this because it's so dark. My hair would have to be lightened which I can't really do myself. It takes me three hours just to dye it normally. lol Plus I'd be too afraid to miss a spot or whatever that I can't see. It's really something I need someone else to do. I never went to a salon because it's so expensive. I have a lot of hair and it would probably be over $60 if I had it done there. Fortunately I have a friend who is willing to do it at a reasonable rate. It's going to be so fun! Getting my hair done, and hanging out with her! She's giving me some toner to take home also so that it won't fade as bad before the wedding.

Getting my  hair this color.
 (Not my photo. I'm trying to find the original source again but not having much luck. I will update once I find it.)

Well, I think I've rambled enough for tonight. Until next time!

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