Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A special bond.

Some of you may remember the post I made yesterday (Tuesday) about being sick. At the time I wrote it I was having a ridiculous amount of trouble sleeping due to a bad cough. Well, I never got to sleep. I ended up going to the doctor first thing in the morning. There I was informed that I have currently have the joy of fighting off the flu, a sinus infection and bronchitis. The coughing is so bad (even with the prescription cough medicine) that I have been unable to stay asleep for the last 28 hours longer than like four minutes at a time. As it is now the co steroid shot and the antibiotics seem to be working but of course that won't help the cough. 
The cough suppressant medicine they gave me is not helping AT ALL. Which is absurd since it's supposed to be one of the best and cost like $40! The only thing it's doing is adding to my already exhausted state. (It makes you drowsy.) I think once it wears off I'm going to try taking what I was taking before which is an over the counter cough suppressant/expectorant. At least when I was taking that my coughs were mostly productive. Now I have more dry coughs which is not the way to go if you want to get better. Loose, productive coughs break up the phlegm causing the issue. I'll also try taking a sleeping pill. Those usually knock me right out no matter what. My issue of course isn't falling asleep since I'm so tired, it's staying there. Usually those are pretty good about that. So here's hoping.
Anyway my reason for this post is about my kitty named Bella. A little while ago I was so frustrated that I couldn't get to sleep after such a long time.
Well, she curled up next to my chest purring and put her paw on my hand to soothe and reassure me. Every time I'd cough she would either curl her paw gently on my hand or lick it as if to say it's gonna be okay mom. The purring was soothing on it's own, and the act of her curling up with me was very sweet but the hand holding, squeezing and kissing made it extra special.
Bella has asthma. She's actually on a daily pill for it but occasionally she still coughs when she purrs. I always try to calm her when it happens. I guess this is her way of trying to do the same. Cats are smarter than many give them credit for. They know when something is wrong. Especially if it's with a person (or another animal) they have a special bond with. ♡♥

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